Monday, May 17, 2010


First of all, I want to start off by saying, I'm sorry! My apologies go out to my 20 followers here (and my fans everywhere) because I have been so remiss in posting. As I posted before, I was involved in a pretty time-consuming contest called Host Our Coast. The contest took up most of my free time spent on the web, but now it is over, so I can move on with my cyber life! So...I thought I would end my blogging moratorium with a bang! The following content is pretty near and dear to my heart. It combines two of my loves, Gossip Girl and lolcats and it seemed an appropriate topic with the season finale coming up tonight. I thought en lieu of doing some real, substantial, thoughtful work today I might fiddle with some photoshop and create some things that the world has been waiting for.

I give you, LOLGossipGirl!



  1. thank you for making my day, as usual!

  2. So ridiculously hilarious....I'm sure my giggles would have turned into complete hysteria if I actually watched GG

  3. THANK YOU! Definitely made me smile! Totally getting Mrs. Rufus Kitteh on my bar crawl t-shirt next year!