Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My encounter with Chainsaw from Summer School

I would like to start off my second entry by explaining that I don't intend for this to be a place where I brag about my chance meetings of obscurely famous people. These funny things have just happened to me recently and I feel compelled to share them. I spent the month of January in Southern California visiting some friends and hanging out with the weird kelp on the beach of the Pacific Ocean. I made it to Hollywood and somehow found myself at a bar on Hollywood Blvd. with microphone in hand, standing next to "Chainsaw" from the movie Summer School. Well...let me back-up and explain how I got put in this wonderful situation. That day was rainy and my intentions were to sight-see in Hollywood. To get some refuge from the rain my friend and I ducked into a bar to get a beer. Here the bartender alerted us that later in the evening there was to be live-band karaoke, with one famous band member, none other than "Chainsaw" from Summer School, Dean Cameron! Can you imagine my excitement?! If you haven't seen this flick, I highly recommend it. Another classic from his career is Ski School (which features the most unapologetic display of one-piece, fluorescent ski suits ever)...moving on.

So we left the bar and went and looked at a bunch of stuff, Chinese Theater, Kodak Theater, Roosevelt Hotel, did the obligatory put my feet in Dick Van Dyke's foot prints, friend had to go into Frederick's of Hollywood to buy something for some chick, etc. But, like a beacon in the night, Chainsaw called to me and we ended up back at the place when karaoke was in full swing. The event was actually called Coreyoke because Chainsaw's band is called The Coreys in homage to...the Coreys (obvi). I wanted to sing but quickly found out that each song cost ten dollars! Welcome to HelLA! So, my friend ended up secretly signing me up for J. Giels Band, Angel in the Centerfold, which is one of my standards, and all of the sudden Chainsaw calls for "els bells"(name my friend signed me up as) and they start an AC/DC riff as my intro and I walk onto the "stage."

The performance was, I would say, a 6/10. I did ok, but I was way more nervous than I would have been at my usual haunts in Baltimore. Each member of The Coreys did fist bump me after the song ended, so I think they liked me somewhat. This musical moment did get captured in video form on a Blackberry, whether this footage will ever materialize, we will never know. That is why I am writing this blog now so that the memory of my time with Chainsaw can live forever on the internet via my moving words. The photo above shows Chainsaw rocking out with some possible ladies of the night who went after me. He is the one with the black mullet wig and big yellow arrow pointing to his head. I put that arrow on there so you could see which one he was. So, that's that story.

Stayed tuned next time for my series of drawings about a Motorola pager who speaks only in Beyonce lyrics.


  1. I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really liked this blog post. That's 20 words, on the button. You can count it.

  2. Who's this random "friend"? Way to give props!!

  3. haha I didn't want to blow up anyone's spot or make it too personal but I know who you are...

  4. Best. Post. Ever.

    I'm so glad you are finally living up to your blogging potential. Facebook status updates are not enough.