Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hello out there! I have been putting off starting this blog for a very long time because I felt that the act of blogging was kind of self-indulgent. I think it's great if you're blogging about something neat that people can actually use, like knitting patterns or recipes, but I have very few skills and envisioned this blog as an avenue for me to post things I am moved by, either in a good or bad way. So this is my warning here: most things on this page will be mindless, absurd, goofy, ridiculous, silly, and sometimes-offensive. I might also add, a majority of these posts will be terribly boring because they will involve my scrutinizing of the mundane, day to day occurrences in my life. That being said, I am hoping to use this forum as a way to practice my writing, stay in touch with friends, and spread some funny thoughts.

So that is my spiel on what to expect here...moving on to more interesting things. This past weekend I went to see one of my favorite comedian/writers in the world, Michael Showalter. You may know him from The State, Stella, and Michael and Michael Have Issues, The Baxter, Wet Hot American Summer, etc. I have a problem of becoming very star struck even from very lame, B-list celebs. It stems from my obsession with pop culture, television, tabloids, and shows like ET and The Insider. All of these things have somehow invaded my existence and turn me into a giddy blob of pudding when I see remotely famous people, even ones I don't care about or admire.
But back to a man I do admire...Michael Showalter. Michael Ian Black and Show did stand up for about 2 hrs and then after wards Showalter stayed and hung out at the Ottobar and DJ'd. He walked around and was kind enough to chat and take photos with people. I had so much that I wanted to tell him about how I love his work and how I think he is really an inspiration to young goof balls like myself, but all I could muster out was "you're so awesome." Regardless I got to touch him and get my picture taken with him so I was ecstatic. If you have not been exposed to his work he has a lot online. The Showalter Showalter is a really funny fake-Charlie Rose-ish show that he puts out with a lot of other great people.

This video is one of my favorites. Enjoy and stay posted for more babble!

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